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Fever-Bugz® is a member of the Physio Logic® family of thermometers. Physio Logic® is devoted to making accurate and reliable home monitoring products with leading edge technology.

Physio Logic® ( has earned market recognition for its complete range of high quality and affordable home monitoring solutions: thermometers, blood pressure monitors and scales. Our ultimate goal is to make easy to use products to simplify your life.

For your traditional thermometer needs:

It’s never been easier! Both you and your kids will love Fever-Bugz®, the fuzz free, convenient, easy to use fever indicator for continuous fever monitoring. And, for those times when you want fast, ultra precise readings, you can also choose from our Physio Logic® star products: Accuflex® or Insta-Therm™ Quick Scan digital thermometers.

  Fever-Bugz® Accuflex® 5 or Accuflex® 10 Insta-Therm™
Fever-Bugz box
Accuflex5 and Accuflex10 thermometers
Insta-Therm™ Quick Scan thermometer
0.5° C
0.1° C
0.2° C


Gentle, safe and child friendly

Gentle flex tip adds comfort & safety
(Digital 30: hard tip)

Scan from ear or forehead






Visible at a glance

5, 10 or 30 seconds

0.1 seconds


48 hrs continuous monitoring

Accuflex 5: is up to 6 times Faster than conventional digital thermometers

No probe covers required!




Note: Fever-Bugz® are recommended for use on children 12 months and older. Fever-Bugz® should not be used to manage important health concerns, as it is only a fever indicator. Always use a thermometer to confirm temperature reading, particularly if you experience any unusual readings. Do not rely only on temperature readings. If you have concerns, seek medical advice. Fever-Bugz® Stick-On Fever Indicator should not replace a visit to the doctor.

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