Why Choose Fever-Bugz®?Are you feverish?

One morning, you notice that your little munchkin is surprisingly quiet. He doesn’t want to eat or watch his favorite show, and his cheeks are apple red. You feel his forehead, it is burning up! – Uh Oh! He has a fever!

No!But how much of a fever does he have?

Every attempt to take his temperature turns into a fight. He won't open his mouth for the thermometer, won't stay still if you try it under his arm, and a rectal reading is simply out of the question.Play time Amidst the kicking and screaming, what are you going to do?

Don’t you worry! Fever-Bugz® Stick-On Fever Indicators are the convenient, fuss free way to solve that problem.

Fever-Bugz® let you monitor your child’s temperature all day long by simply looking at the Bug on their forehead. Imagine, now you can check your children’s fever at night while they’re sleeping without disturbing them!

Fever-Bugz® Stick-On Fever Indicators use a high quality, hypoallergenic adhesive that is safe and gentle. They can stick on skin for up to 48 hours, even during the bath! The Bugz fit easily in your pocket or wallet, so you can always have them on hand.

Sleep easily, take a bath

Parents who used Fever-Bugz® have been telling us stories about how much their children love to wear the Bugz! (see the reviews) To them, temperature-taking is no longer a nightmare. Not only that, your child will also love the cartoonish designs and the magical display number changing on the Bugz’ back. In the end, Fever-Bugz® will make taking your child’s temperature easier for you Fever-Bugz to the rescueand a lot more fun for them!

What are you waiting for? Buy Fever-Bugz® today!



Note: Fever-Bugz® are recommended for use on children 12 months and older. Fever-Bugz® should not be used to manage important health concerns, as it is only a fever indicator. Always use a thermometer to confirm temperature reading, particularly if you experience any unusual readings. Do not rely only on temperature readings. If you have concerns, seek medical advice. Fever-Bugz® Stick-On Fever Indicator should not replace a visit to the doctor.





Why Fever-Bugz®? Why Choose Fever-Bugz®?
Why Fever-Bugz®? How to use Your Fever-Bugz®?
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Why Fever-Bugz?
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