Join Fever-Bugz's Friends list and stay informed!Just wanted you to know that these little stickers are pure genius and I'm spreading the word! I work at a Walgreens so I saw the product on the shelf but had never tried them or heard anything about them. Last week I decided to give them a shot when my toddler developed a fever, and rather than struggle and wrestle with him every few hours to try to take his temperature, I was able to only take his temperature a few times a day, yet monitor him all day long by glancing at a sticker! I got peace of mind and my son got some peace! I am pleased to say that next time a customer asks for a recommendation for a sick child, I will be suggesting Fever Bugz as a must have! On a final note: PLEASE make these available on-line! Several of my friends have said that while they had heard of Fever Bugz and wanted to try them, they were unable to find them at a Walgreens and the sales people didn't know what they were talking about.
Cassie B., Saint Louis, MO

I absolutely LOVE Fever Bugz! My daughters (17 months and 3 years) wear them and don't bother them. I can actually get a temperature reading that I trust. My oldest daughter actually wants me to check her temperature all the time-even when it is obvious that she has no fever! The only thing I would do to improve them is to make the temperature glow in the dark so that you can still monitor your child's temperature at night without having to turn on the light to see the numbers. Thank you,
Amanda R., Chillicothe, IL

I bought these today for my almost year old. I think they are amazing! I've already called several friends to tell them about what I found in the store. I saw another brand next to them, that seemed to be more accurate (would tell the exact temp), but these are soo much cuter! And really, when I see that the temp is reading high, I'm going to take it the traditional way anyway. My husband can almost look at the girls and tell what their temp is, I don't have that talent. And since one of my girls had a seizure from a spiked fever, I am very nervous about them. With this I can have my husband's talent, and that takes some of my worry away!
Mama. W

Awesome!! I find they really work!! because I put one on my daughter when she felt a little warm...wrote the temp down and then put it on my self and it said i was normal and that she had a cool!!
Julie H.

“I bought a package of Fever-Bugz® to my niece. Once her son had a fever, she took him to the ER with the Fever-Bugz® on. You know what? It was accurate to the temp the nurse took.”
Susan L.

These are GREAT! My 3 year old is often sick and can never hold the oral temp reader in her mouth long enough for a accurate reading. I found these at my Walgreens for a fraction of what other temperature readers cost.
D., Jacksonville, NC

“I must say we're all pretty darn impressed. It was especially great to have since my son caught a fever directly before bed, so we didn't have to bother w/ waking him during the night to take his temp. It really came in handy & accurate at that!”
The Famous Vlogger Mommy, Lucy from The Eades Family

“I wanted to share this fabulous find with other Mom's who struggle running after a toddler to try and get their temperature. You can keep these stickers on for up to 48 hours, so when your little one is fast asleep you can monitor their temperature in the middle of the night without disturbing them. 
I don't think we could have got through this fever without Fever-Bugz. Greatest invention ever. I was more than happy to share my find with other Mom's and the response I got was tremendous!”
Mommy Blogger Nicole from Wiggle Love

"Nathalia was more than thrilled to keep the bug on her head. I was shocked! It's been about 3 hours and she's still wearing it. "
Linsay, Happy Mom of Two

“OH, I like those! At first when I started reading I kids are 9,8, and 6, they don't need stickers on their head to take their temp so I wasn't going to comment but by the time I got to the end I decided those are something I could use.
A one time use sticker would be silly to use on my children who are old enough to sit and let me take their temp BUT the whole deal about them lasting for 48hrs is nice! Like you said....taking a temp at night with that on would be great! I hate to wake a sick kid to take their temp. This way I'd know if they had a temp and needed to be woken up for meds or not. No temp, no point in waking them. I like it!”
Angela B

“What a great idea!! My kids hate when I have to take their temp. and I have to say fevers make me nervous. So its a fight when I have to take their temps. This is such a great way to get the job done and the kids would love the bugs :) would LOVE To try these!!”
Sue S

“Love this idea! It's so creative and practical! I will have to keep them in mind for the future! “
Jennie C

“Fever Bugz!
I found something yesterday while getting the prescription for my crazy eye filled that made me really glad we're having a baby soon.”

“Fever Bugz! These look so neat. I want to get some for myself and then get sick so I can use them, but I guess I'll have to live vicariously through the wee Spiglet. Sigh.”
Brock Wager

“Just wanted to say your product looks amazing and would love to use them on my kids as they hate the idea of a thermometer!”
Heidi W

“Awesome! Will buy some to have on hand and my youngest is 14. Great idea.”

“I bought some today so I wouldn't have to keep taking Sophia's temp in more conventional ways... She had 2 month shots yesterday and I was bothering her every hour to check her temp. With the fever bugs, I can look and it shows me n-normal, 99, 101, 103, or h-high.”

“I LOVE FEVER BUGZ! Its the easiest way to keep track of temperatures on anyone who is sick not just the kids!”

“One of my clients uses Fever-Bugz® on his 4 children.  He said that it was great, because you could look at their temp without waking them up during the night.”
Physician Heather T.

“I love the product!!!”
Lynn M.

“I like your awesome Fever Bugz!”
Marion S.

“Hi: Am Cecilia i brought some to Philippines last October 2009 and it was so impressive from the people out there, it was an accurate one ,easy compare to the thermometer that we are using. It was handy and effective, for kids, new born and adult.
Thanks, ”
Cecilia G.

“Pretty innovative way to monitor a feverish child. ”
David L.

“No needs to wake up my girl while she is sleeping. I love it! ”
Amber M.


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Note: Fever-Bugz® are recommended for use on children 12 months and older. Fever-Bugz® should not be used to manage important health concerns, as it is only a fever indicator. Always use a thermometer to confirm temperature reading, particularly if you experience any unusual readings. Do not rely only on temperature readings. If you have concerns, seek medical advice. Fever-Bugz® Stick-On Fever Indicator should not replace a visit to the doctor.

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